Full Stack Web Developer

Specialising an Laravel business applications

About Me

Hi, I'm Rob, a full stack web developer specialising in laravel business applications to make businesses lives easier. Having spent over 8 years working in the development world from in-house developer working closely with business owners and department heads, working for digital agencies touching projects at all stages of their life cycle to working freelance building bespoke applications to suit the needs of businesses.

Tech Stack

With 4 years of writing Laravel applications, I consider myself well verse with the intricacies of the framework. I originally picked up Laravel just after the release of Laravel 4.1 on recommendation by a colleague. Compared to the competition, it was already incredibly featured and the community was growing rapidly.
I originally picked up Vue.Js during late 2015 when it was in alpha and it was a breath of fresh air, somewhere between React and Angular, it felt right. Since then, used Vue where ever it feels that a page could to with more reactivity, whether that be animations, conditionally showing content on the fly, complex real time calculations or seamless content loading.
I bundle HTML, CSS, and MYSQL into one as they are the constant staples of web development. I picked these up back in school and never looked back. The features have changed over the years and I've always kept up to date with whats possible, features such as JSON fields in MYSQL and the rise of CSS preprocessors have been a gamer changer.